Illustrations made for Ambrym 's SS13 "Insulaires" collection.

"Fleur de Banane" Paris 2012

"Les Duk-Duk" Paris 2012

"Pineapple" Paris 2012

"La case d'Ambrym" Paris 2012

"Masque de groupe" Paris 2012

The SS13 Ambrym collection "Insulaires" is a metro trip to an isolated archipelago.
It is said to have risen out of the sea between a solitary lagoon and a waterfall circus banked with banana trees and passionflowers.
It is the outcome of the meeting of a Duk-duk king, heir to Gauguin and Brel, and of a shy tribe, hidden under a secret group mask.
"Insulaires", it is time that freezes under a lemon sun, it is Lapérouse reappearing on his Astrolabe above the Sacré Coeur. It is the insular rhythm that settles in town, for lack of wind ...