Levé de soleil sur la baie des tortues

Apnée dans un champs de patates aquatiques

sieste dans un hamac, près d'une mangrove

feu de bois, poissons multicolores

(Nuit pleine de coup de soleil)

Vers le Nord

A selection of watercolors
made for Ambrym's FW 2013/2014 collection
"Vers le Nord, Living road"

"At the top of Oyaté mountain, beyond the red cloud,
 perched on a wood log, a chaman is dreaming a vision.

She's galloping up to the North Seas, crossing among ohers,
herds of Caribou, the track of Moby Dick, birds swarms,
teathered lamas and a crowned seal.

And there, between cold wind and foam, there is something in the air.
A wild freedom, the freedom of Violeta Parra's songs, of Dalva's stories, 
of Graciela Iturbide's pictures, of the Sioux people and many more.

All stories must fork there, at one time or another along their 
"Living road"."